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What’s RevPASH and learn how to calculate it

Whilst you could be extra accustomed to monitoring metrics like RevPAR, ADR, or TrevPAR at your resort, RevPASH can be an extremely vital metric to measure you probably have any sort of restaurant, theatre, or related outlet in your property the place company collect and spend income.

So, let’s discover what RevPASH means for your corporation.

What’s RevPASH?

RevPASH stands for income per obtainable seat hour and applies in case your resort has a restaurant or different meals and beverage shops. RevPASH additionally happens exterior of the hospitality business, similar to at hairdressers the place appointments on weekends are costlier as a result of there are much less slots obtainable.

It was launched in 1998 and could be calculated hourly, weekly, or month-to-month.

Monitoring the RevPASH metric is vital for understanding the utilization and income of a ‘seat’ and lets you higher plan your meals and beverage operations.

How one can calculate RevPASH

To calculate RevPASH you’ll want to divide whole outlet (e.g restaurant) income by the obtainable seats multiplied by opening hours.

For instance: $15000/(50 seats x 8 hours) = RevPASH of $37.50.

As soon as you know the way to calculate RevPASH you can begin pondering by means of how one can improve the income of your resort restaurant. Is it a matter of staying open for longer, getting extra prospects in on the peak of the day, or working promotions?